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Lemma Labs Gift Card

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Give the gift of the hairID Kit.

Using the Lemma Labs Gift Card to purchase our hairID Complete Hair Assessment Kit puts those you care about on the path towards more knowledge and purchasing power when it comes to how to best treat their hair.

The hairID Kit includes everything they need to send back to our lab so we can analyze their hair and provide personalized product and routine recommendations.

1. hairID Checklist

2. Water Hardness Test

3. Scalp Sebum Test

4. Hair Sample Collection

The expert results they receive.

1. Thickness & Porosity Measurement

2. Comprehensive Damage Assessment

3. Microscopic Hair Stand Imaging

4. Personalized Hair Routine

5. Product Recommendations

What we test hair for.

The 5-min, at-home hairID Test that provides science-derived product recommendations.

Step 1

Complete At-Home Tests & Collect Samples

Step 2

Send Samples Back to Our Lab

Step 3

Our Lab Experts Analyze Your Hair

Step 4

Access Your Personal hairID Profile