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hairID Complete Hair Assessment

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Not sure what exactly your hair needs? No problem! Our specialized hairID Kit leads to expert-provided, tech-backed, people-centric product recommendations and hair care routines—all delivered personally to you from our Buffalo-based laboratory.

Get the scientific recommendations your hair has been in need of at the retailers you already frequent. All it takes is a five-minute, at-home test.

Personalized hair care begins with the hairID Complete Hair Assessment.

Saves Time & Money
Inspires Confidence

Ships FREE Anywhere in the US

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What's in the box?

Everything you need to send back to our lab so we can analyze your hair and provide you with personalized product and routine recommendations.

1. hairID Checklist

2. Water Sample Collection Kit

3. Scalp Sebum Test

4. Hair Sample Collection Kit

The expert results you receive.

1. Thickness & Porosity Measurement

2. Comprehensive Damage Assessment

3. Microscopic Hair Stand Imaging

4. Water Hardness Analysis

5. Personalized Hair Routine

6. Product Recommendations

What we test your hair for.

The 5-min, at-home hairID Test that provides science-derived product recommendations.

Step 1

Complete At-Home Tests & Collect Samples

Step 2

Send Samples Back to Our Lab

Step 3

Our Lab Experts Analyze Your Hair

Step 4

Access Your Personal hairID Profile

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