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About Lemma

“We hope that the hairID approach empowers women everywhere to keep working toward their perfect hair day.”

– Dalar & Clare

our story

Envisioning a scientific, data-driven approach to hair care.

Despite working in very different industries, Dalar and Clare became fast friends, developing a connection rooted in their shared love of beauty. Though they realized the comfort and joy establishing a beauty regime brought them, they soon discovered a mutual frustration over their lack of hair care understanding. 

In fact, they quickly realized they didn’t understand their hair at all, and in response were spending wasteful hours and hard-earned dollars experimenting with too many, too little, and the overall wrong products. So, they began to wonder if there was a way their hair could just tell them exactly what it needed? 

As it turns out, there is , and as a result hairID was born. In devising the product, they sought to create a tool that provides accurate, personalized, and actionable hair care insights. Using her background in chemical engineering, Dalar developed the testing protocols for hairID and a proprietary product matching algorithm, bringing forth a beautifully scientific and data-driven approach to hair care.

what we do

Creating stronger connections between science and beauty.

From our own experience, and from speaking to countless others, we’ve learned women are almost never truly satisfied with how their hair looks and feels. 

Why is this? We believe consumers lack access to the information needed to make the right choices for their hair. The advice and guidance currently out there is mostly pseudoscience, based on stereotypes and cliches. 

Our goal is to bring forth definitive, conclusive, and personalized information about your hair, at an accessible price, to fit your lifestyle.

At Lemma Labs, we know you value your time, money, and energy. Our approach helps you save on all of those fronts, so you can focus on more important things.

what we do best

The power of porosity.

One of the most difficult yet vital properties we test is hair porosity, which is the most accurate indicator of damage. Why is this test so important? Damaging your hair is all too easy. Perhaps you’ve been using products that aren't meant for your hair type, or you’re using too many products in an attempt to repair moisture or split ends. Improperly treating your hair can lead to more damage.

Either way, one of the most important things you can learn about your hair care routine is what to change, and the best way to do that is to get to know your strands—damage and all.

Our lab empowers more informed, confident hair care consumers.


Our rigorous laboratory testing uses state-of-the-art equipment and peer-reviewed methods.


We provide product recommendations and a shopping guide that allow you to buy wherever you choose.


Our algorithm eliminates waste by identifying specific products that are compatible with your hair.


Our focus is on sharing information to help you understand your hair’s needs and put you in control.

what's in a name

Delivering credibility and clarity to hair care.

We approach hair care as a scientist approaches an experiment. Even our name is rooted in science, as lemma is defined as the sub-theorem (or underlying proof) to support or prove a larger result. Thus, in order to help you get the hair you want, Lemma Labs examines it from a more personal point of view.

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