How it works

Get expert hair analysis from
the comfort of your own home



We send you a hairID kit, and you send us back a sample of your hair.



Our experts perform scientific testing and determine your hair's properties.



We send you a report with our findings and analysis of your hair.

The Kit

Everything you need for a complete hair assessment.

  • Detailed Instructions
  • At-home scalp sebum test
  • At-home water hardness test
  • Sample collection bag
  • Prepaid return shipping

Product recommendations

Our scientists have compiled a database of products in a range of price points. Our experts have linked the ingredients in these products to hair properties and derived an algorithm to identify the best products to fit your particular hair properties.

  • Based on ingredient compatibility
  • Products with multiple price points
  • No brand affiliations
  • Personalized shopping guide

Digital Results

Our digital report gives you everything you need to optimize your hair care.

  • Microscopic Pictures
  • Overview of your hair properties
  • Damage assessment
  • Routine recommendations
  • Product recommendations
  • Personalized ingredient cheat sheet

What Kinds of Questions We Answer

  • How often should I wash my hair?
  • Which silicones, proteins, and oils should I avoid?
  • Should I use deep conditioner?
  • How should I prevent brittle hair?
  • I have 2a, 3a, or 3b curly hair, what products should I use?
  • Do I have thick or fine hair?
  • How do I prevent split ends?
  • Do I have low porosity or high porosity hair?

What we measure

Your porosity reveals how your hair absorbs water, how frequently you should use products, and how to apply them. High porosity hair absorbs water quickly and is more susceptible to swelling. The opposite is true of low porosity hair. We measure porosity with a surface tensiometer, which calculates the angle at which water contacts your hair. A large contact angle indicates low porosity, as water is more inclined to sit on top of, rather than seeping into, your hair

Thickness refers to the width of each individual hair strand, which can range from 30-180 microns. We measure the micro-width of your hair under a microscope. Knowing the precise width of your strands is critical to choosing the right products.

We examine your cuticles under a microscope for evidence of damage. We look for physical damage, typically caused by brushing and friction; chemical damage, typically caused by color treatments and chlorine; heat damage, typically caused by styling with heat; and UV damage, caused by sun exposure. Cuticle fusion is typically caused by sun exposure. Cracks can indicate friction damage, caused by brushing or rough handling of hair. Spiral shaped holes in the cuticles indicate potential heat damage.

Measuring your scalp’s sebum level helps us determine your optimal shampoo routine. Your scalp naturally produces sebum, a layer of oil that forms on your scalp and travels onto your hair. Your results were measured using the oil adsorptive technology included in your hairID kit.

Water hardness measures the quantity of minerals, such as calcium ions, in your water. The minerals in hard water can bind to your hair, building up slowly each time you shower. These minerals can even compete with your conditioner, making it less effective. Hard water necessitates washing your hair with a special shampoo.


After you purchase an assessment, we'll send a testing kit to your address. You’ll conduct the at-home water hardness and scalp sebum tests and send back a small sample of your hair. We will send you a link containing your hairID results within 1-2 weeks after receiving your hair sample in our Buffalo, NY based lab.

No, please don’t cut your hair sample! Simply collect hair from your brush or shower drain.

No, we do not collect DNA data from your hair. We strictly analyze your hair sample to produce information about its physical composition.

No, we do not sell products.

No, we are not affiliated with any hair care brands or products.

Our proprietary algorithm matches your hairID profile to products in our database based upon ingredient compatibility. Our database contains hair products sold at Sephora, Ulta and Target. Upon registering your kit, we ask you to answer a series of questions on your shopping preferences and adjust our recommendations accordingly.

Yes! Our analysis will account for greying hair.

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