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Our mission

The average woman in the U.S spends $55,000 on haircare throughout the course of her lifetime, and we know from our own experience and speaking to countless others, that rarely are people completely satisfied with how their hair looks and feels. We believe this is largely because consumers don’t have the information they need to make the right choices for their hair. It’s not their fault - the advice and guidance out there presently is mostly pseudoscience, based on stereotypes and cliches. Our goal at Lemma Labs is to bring forth definitive, personalized and actionable information about your hair for an affordable price.

A lab designed just for hair


We magnify and analyze your hair to measure width and identify damage

Surface tensiometer

We measure your hair's porosity, or how it responds to water and product

At home testing

We provide easy-to-use test strips to measure scalp sebum and water hardness

Testing protocols
designed by


We magnify and analyze your hair to measure its width and identify damage. Our images and measurements are included in your report.


We measure porosity with a surface tensiometer, which calculates the angle at which water contacts your hair. A large contact angle indicates low porosity, as water is more inclined to sit on top of, rather than seep into, your hair.

At-Home Testing

We use at-home testing strips to determine your scalp oiliness and the quality of your shower water. Measuring your scalp’s sebum level helps us determine your optimal shampoo routine. Measuring your water quality or hardness lets us know if you need a water filter or a special shampoo.

Product recommendations backed by science

We find the ingredients compatible with your hair. Our proprietary algorithm identifies products that match your needs. We recommend products based only upon ingredient compatibility and are not affiliated with any other brands.

We give you flexibility by recommending products from a range of:

  • Price Points
  • Retailers
  • Brands

Complete Hair Assessment

HairID Box with Report

Our at home testing and sample collection kit includes a hair collection envelope, sebum test, and a water hardness test.

Get Your Kit

Your hairID results will include:

Everything you need to optimize your hair care.

  • Microscopic Pictures
  • Overview of your hair properties
  • Damage assessment
  • Routine recommendations
  • Product recommendations
  • Personalized ingredient cheat sheet

Customer Data Security

We will NOT sell, lease, or rent identifiable information to a third party for research purposes without your explicit consent.

  • • We will NOT share identifiable data with public databases.
  • • We will NOT provide your hair or identifiable data to insurance companies or employers.
  • • We will NOT provide information to law enforcement or regulatory authorities unless required by law to comply with a valid court order, subpoena, or search warrant.

We will process personal and testing information for the following reasons:

  • • To provide our services. We process Personal Information in order to provide our service, which includes processing payments, shipping kits to customers, creating customer accounts, authenticating logins, analyzing hair samples, and delivering results.
  • • To analyze and improve our services. We constantly work to improve and provide new reports, tools, and services.

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