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Don’t guess what your hair needs. Test it.

Our at-home test kit gives you scientific, lab-derived data on your hair’s condition, and expert product recommendations easily found at your favorite retailer.

What Our Lab Results Look Like

Your hairID Profile tells you how to choose the best products for your strands.

Anya, 26

Atlanta, GA

"I love that the results come with product recommendations. This helps so much to visualize what changes to my hair routine would look like."


Wants to better understand how to boost her curls, eliminate the dozen, barely-used bottles in her bathroom, and protect her hair from summer heat and humidity.

New Favorite Products

Shea Moisture | Virtue Full Shampoo

How It Works

After you complete the 5-minute, at-home hairID Test Kit and send us your hair sample, we put your hair through our rigorous laboratory testing process.

Step 1

Complete At-Home Tests & Collect Samples

Step 2

Send Samples Back to Our Lab

Step 3

Our Lab Experts Analyze Your Hair

Step 4

Access Your Personal hairID Profile

Why waste any more time and money?

Hair care is an $86B industry, and the largest expense for brands is marketing. When you know your hair, you can see past the lofty claims and gimmicks, and make the best purchasing decisions for you.


The amount an average American woman spends on hair care in her lifetime. Your hairID helps you spend wisely on the right products for your hair.


The number of shampoo bottles that end up in landfills each year in America. How much hair care clutter is sitting in your shower right now?


The number of daily decisions the average person makes. Let hairID help reduce your decision fatigue by making hair care decisions easier and more effective.

what's inside?

Make your hair care decisions based on lab work, not guesswork.

The hairID Complete Hair Assessment Kit includes easy, at-home tests and access to advanced lab testing that provide key data about your hair.

1. Water Test — Collect a sample of your shower water and send it to our lab for testing.

2. Scalp Sebum Test — Apply the included test strip to your part to determine how much oil your scalp produces.

3. Hair Sample Test — Collect at least 20 strands. Hair that falls into the shower drain or your brush will do.

4. hairID Profile — Send your tests back to our lab and receive results via your hairID Profile, which includes a full analysis of your hair's needs as well as a personalized care routine and recommended products available at your favorite retailers.

lemma labs

A lab designed to measure hair damage.

Lemma Labs’ experts use trusted scientific methods to quantify your hair damage. We identify the right products and routine to manage hair damage, making sure to consider your environment, lifestyle, and budget.